Closet Demons

So many crossroads have brought me to either best or worst parts of life. I am thankful that the twists and turns led me to some of life’s best destinations. But having MC was finding one of the most worthy treasures of my life. When we started our relationship, we thought that it was just…

Family: On Love, Loyalty & Trust

We are no perfect family. Each of us have our misgivings and mistakes. But we desire no greater happiness than the bonding of ourselves together. After her work, after my office’s errands, and after my son’s school, we rush home to talk to each other. We seek no other presence but with each other. On…

A Grateful Heart

Lord, thank you for the strength of faith, the sweetness of hope, and the stronghold of love.

Self 2.0 – Creating Better Version of You

Four decades of life taught me that it is not only the “dos” that made a better man but also the discipline on the “don’ts”. While the “do” bolsters the display of strength, how he dances with the “don’ts” show the majestic display of his self-control. Here I share my five important “don’ts” that could…

The Faithful

To be true, to be loyal, to be genuine, to be brave — the armors of soldiers, the faithful beyond grave.