The Day I Become Super Dad

There are armies of single mother out there, left alone by the most cowards of men. But a father that stood his ground for his child was few among many heroes. Over three decades of my life were spent being a self-made bachelor. But it was peppered with memories I am not proud to recall….

Si ‘Ex’ at Ikaw

Si “ex” ang taong naging sayo noon pero hindi na sa ngayon. Siya ay parte ng iyong nakaraan pero hindi na iyong kasalukuyan. Siya ang pumiga sa mga luha ng kahapon upang mangibabaw ang mga ngiti mo sa ngayon. Sinagad niya ang iyong kirot, inubos nya ang iyong  takot. Siya yung nawala, lumisan at lumayo….

Mayora’s Corner: The Other Women

He always has his other women. Hidden in between the lines of his life are the numbers of women that interest him. One he calls when he wants a coffee, needs a companion over dinner, wants a little chit-chat, or when he wishes for a travel buddy. As a woman who marks her territories well,…

When Friends Become Lovers

Love, the truest of its kind, is friendship ripened by time. The best relationships out there start in friendships. No relationship can stand the test of times without the foundations of strong friendship. It is there where the trust value is tested, the worth of loyalty is measured, and the seed of love is planted….