Free Solo: Dancing With Death

Along this road you will have mistakes. But the most important is – live your life in the way that you find most fulfilling.

My Travel, Their Stories

The best travel experience is not reaching your destination. It is sharing life with the people on the roads of adventure.

Work-Life Balance: What About It?

The millennial prompt me to write about this subject. I might be among the busiest corporate executives. But they saw something that made my lifestyle an epitome of work-life balance. With the internet making workers accessible 24/7, work-life balance becomes a challenging dilemma among the young working class. It created expectations of constant accessibility. While…

Bridges of Our Lives

The golden era of social media is supposed to usher the greatest value of communication to mankind. It is meant to build bridges between people, between races, between cultures, and between politics. But rather than aspiring to find the common ground for our harmonious co-existence, we build walls and pedestals so high beyond the reach…