Love 365 (6): Looks of Love

Love is life’s most beautiful possession. Yet many who have fall into it become ugly at the turn of time. Love is the most beautiful feeling. Yet some who were deeply into it become full of bitterness and hate. Love is the most beautiful dream. Yet countless who cast their stakes into it become losers…

Heart Reading

Do not seek explanation on matters of the heart. No words can exactly decode them all. No books can contain every reason that it carries. To ask how it feels and what it wants are next to impossible. More than the deeps of words, to understand the heart is to wait and see how how…

A Grateful Heart

Lord, thank you for the strength of faith, the sweetness of hope, and the stronghold of love.

I am Enough

A saving knight for damsel’s cry, On wars I fought I have not shy, I bled to death to rule them all, I’m not enough, they said it all. The summer sun it fails to drench, The darkest night it fails to faint, I’m more than brave to tell their tales, I’m not enough, I…

Pusong Panalo

Bakit ako daw ang pinili? Bakit ako daw ang nagwagi? Sa pinag-aagawan mong puso, Bakit ako daw ang nanalo? Saan mo daw ako napulot? Saang mundo mo daw nahakot? Hindi naman kasing pogi, Nang mga bidang umaabante. Gulat ang buong mundo, Sa pagdating mo sa buhay ko; Ako ay hindi nakapaghanda, Sa surpesang iyong dala….