Hi, welcome to my blog!

I am just an ordinary, trying-hard, and ambitious writer. It is something that I love. But its expertise is somewhat elusive from me. I am still learning its craft, but far from being a master of it.

I am a journalist from the Philippines. I am lucky enough to have opportunities to work with the online arms of The Philippine StarSunstar Philippines (Sunnex Exchange), Peninsula Qatar, and Headline and Global News – New York, among others.

In 2011, I am among the 12 Asian journalists that were granted with a scholarship opportunity by the Kondrad Adenauer Foundation for a special study on Multimedia Journalism at the Asian Center for Journalism at Ateneo de Manila University.

From being a journalist, I shifted to the corporate world as a strategic communication specialist. I handled some of the Philippines leading corporate companies with national significance.

But travel is something that my life can’t live without. I travel for many reasons — vacation, luxury, or sometimes just to take a breather from the suffocating circumstances that would want to choke us and stop us from moving forward. Next to writing, I love biking.

Beyond the horizons of our comfort zones, biking has its own way of teaching us to reinforce in the creation of a better self. Its solitude can overhaul a weary heart, much more lighten the burden of a heavy-laden soul.

Among its biggest perks is it can keep us in touch with our fond memories for us to aspire more to level-up the consideration of our next destination. I hope that along the many crossroads of my next adventure, I will find you along the way.