Love 365: Family Time

“You spent hundreds of thousands to be with your son and his mother this weekend? That’s a very expensive time,” my friends told me.

“My money and my time are two different commodities in the expression of my love. But they are not equal,” I told them.

I can buy my child a Porsche. I can get my girlfriend a Manhattan condo. But it ain’t the fancy car or a New York home that define my best efforts for them. It is my time.

Elsewhere, my child can always buy a car. From work, my girl can get a beautiful house. But when I give them my time, it is something that they can’t buy or get elsewhere and from anyone.

Time is the most genuine and unfiltered gift you can give to your family. It is the truest form of love. It is the undisputable badge of care. It is unmatched form of loyalty.

When it comes to family, I have only one stand – that is, “I can always make time for them.” I don’t care how far it is. I don’t count how expensive the cost. I don’t reason for any other excuse.

Spending time with them is embedding precious and priceless influence into their lives. My presence with them whenever they need me is more than a Ferrari or an Upper Manhattan residence.

It is strengthening the assurance that they have someone in the corner of their lives that they can turn to whenever they need help. It is telling them that whenever fear and doubts beset them, they got someone in their back.

Family time is where you define the truest sense of family values, family affection, and family legacy. It is where to fortify the pillars of your home so every member – both children and espouse – can stand strong amid the many tests of times.

Family is like a garden, your personal garden. It is a reflection of your inner self. It is a mirror of your soul. It is time that constantly keep this garden flourishing and growing, and turn your legacy into a living masterpiece of life.


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