Crossroad: Story of Our Love

IT WAS one ordinary September day that I first met you when I responded to the call of the instinct. By then, I never knew that the journey that we are to take would bring us this far – giving us with so much joy, pouring us with so much blessings, binding us with so much love.

Truth is, when I lay down the blueprint of my future, you were not there. I never had any single idea of who you are. But when fate unwrapped it’s surprises, it revealed how we co-existed in the past, walking on the same cycle of life, only, not knowing that we both were there.

I am the foremost believer of my wisdom. But in finding you I asked the guidance of Him that created all things. It was not my wisdom that sought you. But the humble bended knee, asking Him to guide me in finding the missing piece of me and to understand the music of the orchestra of hearts that are meant to be.

Then piece by piece He removed the walls that separated us, and showed how fate brought us to the crossroads of our lives just at the right time – never too early, not too late; in the most unexpected way, during the most unexpected moment.

Casting aside destiny, we would never understand how our lives were synched long before our shadows met. How I lived by the people of your past so I may understand your present, and that I may know how to love and take care of you as the precious treasure of my destiny.

It is beyond understanding how our words synchronise before we could utter them, how our actions complemented before we even do them, and how our plans come together before we could talk about them.

Meeting with you for the first time was among the happiest moments in my life. I would not want that day to end. I would not want the dawn to break the night. I simply would eant the experience to bring us to the boundary of eternity.

You said, “I hope this is not a dream.” I said, “If this is a dream, let us fall into a deep slumber of eternity.”

But we have a long journey to take. We have lots of pages to fill in the stories of our lives.

Many are they that define my life as a blueprint of success. Only few knew that I’m sleeping in the pillows of pains. I am standing on the soils of thorns. I am sitting on the beads of hardships.

I once blamed the heavens for I never saw the fairness of life since the day that I was born where the cruelty of its perils pushed me beyond description. But when I saw you walking through the aisle of my destiny, you gave the meaning on the virtue of patience – that life could have its greatest gift if only one can wait for the right time.

This is the story of the crossroad where I met the woman that braved and responded the call of uncertainties and accompany me in the journey of a lifetime.

I wrote this story as so my children and my children’s children and the generations that follows them may read how so much love I found in their mother and how fate laid down the crossroads of our lives – that not once did she wailed for pain but countless did she cried of joy. For them to know how much love we live for each other and how we find such treasure at the right time.

This is the testament of our lives. This is the story of our love.


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