Love 365 (6): Looks of Love

Love is life’s most beautiful possession. Yet many who have fall into it become ugly at the turn of time.

Love is the most beautiful feeling. Yet some who were deeply into it become full of bitterness and hate.

Love is the most beautiful dream. Yet countless who cast their stakes into it become losers of life and destiny.

Love is the most beautiful things. Yet many of those who claim to have it live in pains and miseries.

What has love done unto you?

Love, the most beautiful vision of all, must transform the way see other people and ourselves. The more we hold on it, the more beautiful our lives must become.

The couple who are into love must understand that such are the ultimate direction of themselves – to reach their dreams together, and to support each other in all their aspirations. No dream has to be broken, no desire has to stopped, and no goal has to be surrendered in the name of love.

Love directs us to the bright side of life, and will guide us to the fountain of peace. Love is the compass towards life’s undiscovered treasures. The more you are into it, the more you should discover yourself and not forget about it.

Love will help you uncover what you can do more – the talents that were shelves, the brilliance that were hidden, the confidence that were unknown, and the gifts that were buried. It is love that helps find and define the best versions of our selves.

It is not love if it shed more tears. It is not love if it utters more insults. It is not love if it refuses to defer. It is not love if you become prisoners of someone’s decision.

In true love, we become icons of happiness not pains, of smiles and not tears, of joy and not sadness, of serenity and not chaos. In love, we become ambassadors of the beauty of life because love is the best ornament of all.

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