28 Days of Love (Day 1): Where it Begins

Love is the most amazing things in the world. It is a much desired possession across all ages of mankind. Everybody wants it. Every soul desires for it.

But what is love and where it begins?

Love starts in ourselves. Relational love is merely extending our beautiful experiences towards our boyfriend or girlfriend.

Without experiencing self love, we are facing an empty dilemma of what we must need to do in a relationship.

At first, we thought that love is all about sex. But it is more than that. Sex is just pleasurable short interruptions in relationship. Truth is, none has done sex for 24 hours straight.

Its neither the look nor possession that quantify and qualify the strength of relational love. It is the maturity of both persons that guaranty its strength, sustainability and survival.

True love begins in ourselves and not from anyone else. To seek for the most capable partner, do not look for the one that can make you happy. But for one who for himself (or herself) is living a happy life.

“Kaya ka nyang pasayahin pero malungkot ang sariling buhay nya” is a deadly combination.

Do not offer solutions to a problematic heart. Do not offer comfort to a distress soul. Do not provide peace in a chaotic mind. Do not be a hero on somebody else’s war.

Seek for the strong, the brave, and the mighty. For love is lifetime warfare, and two strong hearts are better warriors than a weak and a strong.

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