Relationship 101: The One Rule

I set no rule in a relationship but one – that is, always be the reason of her happiness. After all, the “a happy wife, a happy life” remains the prevailing principle for couple across this generation of digital and social media.

If you cannot be the reason of her being happy, you will always be the reason of her being sad. That’s the undeclared items included in forging a relationship with her. Whether it’s your mistake or not, girls mastered the art of putting the blame on men.

“Pakialamera talaga ang mga babae.” There are no better breeding grounds of their suspicions than your social media accounts and your cellphones. To fight with her is fatal, to argue with her is deadly. Never argue with jealous woman. She is the most lethal of all – she hears no reason, she offers no mercy.

My father would always reminds me, “Be a peasant to your woman. Be a servant to her tantrums. Be the mascot when she is lonely. It’s a small price to pay for the value of her heart.”

When you commit mistake, ask an apology. When she commits mistake, ask an apology. She is always right, and your role is always to reinforce that. You do not need to win. You already won her when she commits her life to you.

Do not win her by argument but by your embraces. Do not disarm her with fear but by sweetness. Do not cage her for reasons of love but free her in the skies of your trust. Do not demand loyalty because it’s been there when she surrenders her heart to you.

Wherever, whatever and however, your lifetime mission is always to find ways to make her smile. Only then will yours be a home of love – she and your children will find no better place than your house, and no better friends than yourself.


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