Social Media: The Fake Reality

The social media is turning us to be a fake generation. People are actually trooping in thesocial media thinking it can enhance their lives.

Even without proper education or professional career, they can create a “perfect life”. They can cover and justify the traces of their wrong decision and choices, and can boldlyand bravely say, “This is my happy life!”

They cultivated the perfect persona that they wanted to show online. They edited partsthat didn’t fit to enhance their online presence.

Their social media was created in the concept of perfection – perfect smile, perfect selfie, perfect meals, perfect vacation, perfect parties, perfect gadget, perfect relationships. Thelist is endless.

But behind the supposed happy getaways of many OFWs are their householdresponsibilities as domestic helpers – washing clothes, cleaning the dishes, cleaning thehouse, among others.

Behind the sumptuous Instagram posts were realities that some of these foods were freemeals. Behind that awesome travels and vacations are empty savings. Behind thenewest gadgets was the overcharged credit cards.

That new OOTDs that she just posted? It’s actually borrowed from her roommate. Thenew shoes that he labelled “blessings” was actually from online lenders.

They augment their online presence through aesthetic filters to achieve the sense ofperfection. We are made to believe that perfection is life’s ultimate destination.  But they are not real.

And as we build large networks with shallow connections, one of the worst things the social media can do to us is we can be surrounded by so many and still feel completely alone.


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