The Day I Become Super Dad

There are armies of single mother out there, left alone by the most cowards of men. But a father that stood his ground for his child was few among many heroes.

Over three decades of my life were spent being a self-made bachelor. But it was peppered with memories I am not proud to recall. Then I became a father.

I wake this morning with two little arms wrapped around me while his head is buried in his Dad’s armpit – his favorite spot.

Few years back, my life was marred with vices – women, gambling, and wines. I thought I could never change until he was born. He came when all hopes are gone, when all attempts fail, when all efforts fruitless. He came when me and his Mom have already decided to part ways for good.

But when he has born, I too was born to a new life – no more Friday night life, no more casinos, and my urge to lie with women was replaced with the love to stay at home and take care of him.

In him, I learned to change diapers, to walk half-awake to the kitchen at night, to wash his clothes, to bathe a child, to choose for a milk supplement, to bring him to the pediatrician, to accompany him to the playroom, to shop for baby’s needs, and the cycles of his meals and milk.

It’s not the lifestyle that I’m used to, but I love my role as a keeper and provider of my son. It’s hard. Maybe the reason some men run away from it. But little did they know that fatherhood is the most rewarding role a man could ever have in his lifetime.

Accompanying your child grow and seeing him duplicate your actions and belief are experience of immortality – seeing your life and legacy being carried by your heir to the next generation.

I may not be as successful as some people around me. But I am happier because most of my time is spent with my son and my goals redirected for the betterment of his future.

To the “missing” Daddies out there – Dude, be men enough to hold your ground, and play the role of a hero and not the villain of your children’s lives. Do not let the first few years of his life slip without you by his side.

While others dream of heroes, we already are to the eyes of our children.  It is us who make this fatherhood thing looks so cool, and it is somebody’s lost when we won’t make it to their cut.


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  1. Please, I would like you to follow my blog as well ok


  2. Payal Dutta says:

    This was really a mind opener for many. Glad you shared it so boldly. 💖💖


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