Love: Don’t Make A Wrong Turn

Throughout the ages, irrespective of beliefs, the message and mission of love transcended beyond the walls of human existence.

It is the most beautiful acquisition for everything that represent life. It sees beyond the horizons of impossibilities because it can believe that everything is possible. With it, no enemies so strong, no foes so gallant, no wound so painful.

Except for human, the universe and everything seem to understand the cycles of love.

For thousands and thousands of years, the Universe existed on this kind of cycle until men attempted to redraw the blueprint of love that eventually collapses it and destroy everything on its path.

Why? Because men misunderstood what love is all about.

First, love is a partnership of the endless cycle of give-and-take.

One element must give for the other to live, and so the receiver will later be the giver. It must be a double-ended clause where both ends must supplement what the other is lacking. It is a continuous awareness to investigate the other part to complement each other to prevent exhaustion.

If only one end is doing the giving, while the other is just doing the receiving, sooner or later love will collapse and everything that it built.

Second, love requires presence.

Love requires you to be there; love must be manifested to grow. You cannot love something or someone you do not see or touch.

Thousands of “I love yous” cannot match a moment of your presence with someone you love. It is here where love is nurtured – to grow, to blossom, and to sustain.

That’s the reason why Jesus came to Earth, “and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”, because love must be manifested. You must be there.

Third, love is geared toward happiness.

When it begins to hurt, and tears start to flow, love has started to loss its footing on the foundation that it is built. Some claim that love must sustain pain. Yes, it must, but it is not built for that purpose.

Love is the medium where one can draw joy, smiles, peace, and harmony our from the fountain of life. It is not there to be use as shield, armor, or sword in the battlefield of life.

It is a very precious resource to be display as banner in battle. It is a crown that must be kept inside the strongest fortress of a kingdom. It is the “king and queen” that must not be wasted in times of war.

These are the notion of misunderstood love. These are where the greatest love collapses, and the rivers of tears flow.

Do not misunderstood love and re-route its direction. Instead, follow the path that it has built since the beginning of times. For all life’s treasures, love is the greatest gift that is worth keeping.

Love is better than mountains of gold – for gold is cold and lifeless and can neither see nor hear. In times of trouble, it is powerless to cheer. It has no ears that can listen, no heart that can understand, and no words that can comfort.

But love, when it is there, is the most beautiful thing of all.


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