Travel Goals: What You Need to Know

This year I traveled to so many places than the rest of my last 40 years in life combined. To explore, experience and enjoy are my guiding principles when I embark on any kind of journey – may that be a road trip, official business, or just a simple weekend getaway.

After visiting dozens of places, driving thousands of miles, and spending countless days and nights at the outdoors, I learned that the best travel experiences are anchored on these three important things:

1. Budget.

Precious and special commodities in life are not cheap. So are the best places of this country. Of course, there may be travel groups that sells, “Saan aabot ang P500 mo?” But the hard truth is – such can never stand side-by-side with the prime destinations in like Palawan, Boracay, Batanes or Amanpulo.

You need money to travel. You need more money to experience the best luxuries that it offers.

2. Time.

The race to have the most social media posts are the ways millennial improve their travel portfolio. But it is time that defines the depths of travel experience.  The perfect sunset, the amazing night stars, and the picturesque landscape need time.

Some of the best travel moments happen when we immerse ourselves with the locals. In a minute, you may take the most beautiful pictures and videos. But you need more time to make friends. There is no short cut for this.

3. Purpose.

To travel in group or solo do not guaranty best travel experience. With companions or not, one should define the purpose of the trip – whether it is a team-building activity, personal retreat, or simply filling life’s bucket list.

The more you know about your purpose, the more you will appreciate your travel experience. The clearer your purpose, the more it resonates to the memories of your heart.

Recapping it – when you want to travel and to enjoy the best of it, you need to save. Your trip is far from being complete without experiencing the luxuries of your destination. You need more time to immerse yourself with the places and people. And you need a clearly define goal every time you enlist or book yourself for your next travel adventure.


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