Mayora’s Corner: 7 Reasons Why I Love a Journalist

I WROTE this to remind him that he is worth my every drop of love. When he gropes to the corner of loneliness, I want him to go back to the letters of these words – to remind himself that there is one person in the world that loves him the most.

I want him to take pride for being my beloved and to understand the reasons of my decision. For as life could not exist without breath, so is love without reason at all.

Let me share the “7 Reasons Why I Fall in Love with a Journalist”

  1. He is not afraid to take risks.

His sheer determination to get all facts straight amid any backlash is a great reflection of his ambitious (and honest) nature. When it comes to our relationship, I will not have to worry about scaring him off with those rumors of my existence. He invested his trust and fought for me instead of making any hasty decisions.

What is sexier than someone who loves a good challenge?

  1. His IQ is above normal.

If you like a partner who is absurdly brilliant and can hold his ground when it comes to debate, form an orderly line. (I’m always speechless when he starts to talk, I can’t even argue with him. 😊 )

  1. He is a great listener.

Being attentive is practically embedded into his job description. As our conversation is trained to read between the lines, knowing when to interject or simply listen comes easily to him. In fact, being understanding when having a heart to heart is his specialty. He is the one I can be trusted with my secrets and will be off the record.

  1. He is experts a multitasking.

The fact that he is a pro at multitasking means that he is more than capable of balancing work and our relationship. After a long and stressful day at the office, he will be more than happy to talk to me and make the two of us laugh as if we owned the world. Even if he is driving home he still can mage to text and call me.

Even if its midnight or we are at the middle of our individual work, he never forgets to say his sweetest “I Love Yous” and “Good Nights.”

  1. He is outgoing.

He is great at making conversation with strangers. (I fall for him even from the very first hour of talking over the phone with him. I don’t know why. 😊) Knowing we were strangers, he will be ecstatic to take the next step because he knows how much it means to you. He will be the life of the party. Being outgoing as well as open-minded is a part of his charm.

  1. He is creative.

Whether it is brainstorming a clickable headline, finding new story ideas or taking a fresh spin on an event, he is constantly crafting interesting stories to tell when your sad, and sending sweet messages and greetings every day. I can guarantee it will always be one-of-a-kind.

  1. He is plugged in.

As busy as he may be with his job, I will have no problem getting a hold of him. His social media-savvy, always checking his email and phones. Always. His job is all about communication, so I can count on my gent to be there when I need him for sure.

Love is more than propaganda. If you are ready to put yourself out there and see where love takes you, go for it. When you find that special someone who you just click with on different levels, walking away would be foolish.

If the thought of someone putting pen to paper to express his feelings for you sounds incredibly sweet and romantic, why not choose to become exclusive with a journalist? And I am only exclusive for him, now and maybe forever.

(Editor’s Note: Mayora, the pen name of the author of this article, is the girlfriend of the owner of this blog. The couple share authorship on many articles published here.)


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