Family 101: Check-and-Balance.

It is very important to have check-and-balance at home. As couple disagree on lots of things and issues, it is important that one should be there to depolarize the decision for the greater-but-equal benefits of each member of the family.

With different professions and personalities, couple could end in clashes of decisions and directions. This is sometimes spontaneous that they failed to notice it until the damaged has been done.

Breaking the norms of husband-wife authority at home, our children could serve as the equalizer, balancer, and neutralizer of issues and directions at home. Giving them the opportunity to talks on issues at home could spell the difference of preserved or wrecked homes.

Whether to buy a car, furniture, groceries, or appliances, we can solicit our children’s opinions to exercise their decision-making capacity in the house. This way, we slowly introduce them to their equally important role to the family where he belongs.

It does not mean that they can decide everything at home. But when pride veers the couple toward the ego-centric podium, they can make choices that neither favorable to both of husband nor wife but for the children.

Undressing ourselves from the drooling value of personal benefits and gears the decision towards the greater benefits of our little boy is still beneficial to the family.

Our children can play significant role in our decision making. They should be. We can prefer to follow the simplicity of their reasons and understanding than the complexity of our explanations and opinions.

We can start by mentoring them to talk freely at home but not eliminating the aspect of respect. We can train them that our home does not exempt anyone from asking apologies when one commits mistake.

We can teach them that forgiveness must always be a ready commodity when an apology is laid on the table while instilling that loyalty and love are characters to be reinforced by every member of the family.

Unless we start our children from involving themselves is important decision, the check-and-balance at home is next to impossible.


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