40 Months

My Son Kyle,

You grow too fast that I hardly noticed it. I want to stop the time where you can always be my baby. But as you write the pages of the stories of your life, you turn to show more wisdom than your age.

When you came, I ended my  bachelor’s life and pledge allegiance to the few soldiers called Dads. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Again, and again, I will do it for a lifetime.

We have sleepless nights, ride the buses and the trains together, go to night markets just to eat isaw, watch movies together, shop till the last drop of Dad’s money, and explore the world where your Dad has survived. It was an unparalleled fun.

We have our ‘tampohan’, but you are always ready to forgive me for my shortcomings – give me hugs when I needed it, kiss me when I asked for it, or embraces me because that’s all I need to get a good sleep. You are the sweetest gift of heaven to me.

We never had a helper to wash your clothes because I did it myself; never did another person wake-up in the middle of the night for your milk because Dad loves doing it; never did someone do the groceries because it’s our favorite pastime.

In the countless stories that I wrote about us, many asked why I rarely mentioned your mother. It does not mean that I have a diminished love for her. I love your mother once, and I always will because she has given me the greatest gift of life, you.

It might not be the love defined in the books of Aphrodite, but the one that is rooted on the gratefulness of the receiver from the giver of a great gift.

Today, your Mom and I will share the role of parenthood. Enjoy every moment of it, seize it while you can. I know that you will grow a fine man, way above than what your Dad has reached, and far beyond the boundaries of his dreams.

These 40 months that I have not seen you is killing me. But let us keep on keeping on for in one crossroad in the future we shall meet again. On that day, I will wait for your hug because that is all that it takes to put my broken pieces together again.

My greatest love for you,



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