When Friends Become Lovers

Love, the truest of its kind, is friendship ripened by time. The best relationships out there start in friendships. No relationship can stand the test of times without the foundations of strong friendship.

It is there where the trust value is tested, the worth of loyalty is measured, and the seed of love is planted. The purity of friendship allows you to see someone’s character before it’s blurred by sexual intentions.

These are among the foremost considerations when you want to cross unto the other side of the walls of friendship. Validate and re-validate whether you are sure, secure, and strong enough because relationship is not merely the success of breaking that wall. It is for a long-lasting walk of intimacy even when things grow weary, commitments get shaky, and smiles turn teary.

Friendship is a solid foundation for a successful romantic relationship. When the fires of “lust” flood subside, friendship will be an anchor. It is there when you decide the fate of the one-night-stand. It is there to witness whether what happened on that romantic evening will be dubbed as for “friends with benefits”.

When you face difficulty, as a couple or an individual, the respect and trust of friendship will be what carries you through. It is not limited on good moments but more so during the worse of times. Its presence is not only in times of laughter but also when you fumble in pain of life’s darkest challenges.

But don’t gamble your heart only on friends that make you laugh and make their presence only on the best of times. Bet on those who do not only love you at your best but even on the worse of times. Above all, don’t force yourselves to be good lovers when you can be the best of friends.


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