Mayora’s Corner: Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is among the most important items in the package of love. It is among the most sought pleasures of relationship. The discussion of sex is irresistible. It is a topic one can hardly left unnoticed. I can discuss it ad infinitum.

But you don’t really need love to have sex. Nowadays, one could have sex with someone without investing any emotional connection. There are those that peddle sex for money, “casualities”, or simply to cool down the hormonal heat.

For others, relationship becomes a license for sex. For them, it is the very reason and it is their very right to enjoy the benefits of sex with their partner.

Understanding the Basic

Sex is always and all physical. It is about lust, about desire, about an experience that is intensely pleasurable.

Sex is not about filling the souls. It is about filling the cup of physical pleasure from what you see. Sex is not the time to discuss what’s inside your thoughts or how your partner feels.

Sex sets the limits of the power of imaginations. It does not want you to think beyond what you see, what you hold, and what you kiss. It does not want you to think of other person and plans. But the one in front of you.

Moral Binding

But love is the moral that tells you to do sex with the right person, at the right time, on the right places. It is the discipline that tells you to wait when your espouse is not around. It is the consciousness that tells you to preserve yourself to only one partner.

Without love, the urge for sex is merely an animal instinct. It is love that makes it human.

Love is the obligations that bind you to the consequences of sex, such as bearing children. It is love that sustains the responsibility as results of the short-time pleasures towards lifetime commitment.


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