Family: On Love, Loyalty & Trust

We are no perfect family. Each of us have our misgivings and mistakes. But we desire no greater happiness than the bonding of ourselves together.

After her work, after my office’s errands, and after my son’s school, we rush home to talk to each other. We seek no other presence but with each other.

On faith, fun and freedom, we bond together. In tears, trials and tribulation, we embrace together. When lonely, sad and deserted, we are there for each other.

We have friends, peers and buddies. But our family is second to none. It is the lair of our strongest allies, the home of our best friends, and the camp of the fierciest warriors of the armies of our lives.

We spend time exchanging the blissful life that we shared. We never doubt loyalty. We never question trust value. We never protest the depths of love. We are a family – loyalty, trust, and love are built-in to the people the belong to it.


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