Letter: Come to My Fold

Don’t stop believing in the noble cause of our dreams – the building of our future, the sharing of our love, and the caring of our lives. Continue to believe that it’s not an accident that fate pushed us in a crossroad of our lives.

Our wandering has lapsed and it’s time to live what destiny has set for us long before we were born. Thank you for loving me without asking something in return. Thank you for your hug even when I’m all messed upside down.

My days have gone brighter because of your radiant smiles. My life has gone better because you are here by my side.

I journeyed fighting the dusts of life with the floods of tears. Yet I survived and reached the other end therewith wore the glories of a joyful life.

I enjoy a blissful life, so I know I have enough. It is not the much that taught me to live, but on how to be satisfied on whatever and whenever I have. I anchored my needs to the source of heavenly blessing, thereby in all my life I know I shall lack nothing.

I stand the on the right principle of truth above else. I live away from the borderlines of compromise and deceit for all I aspire is the legacy of honesty.

Come to my fold because I am strong that I can survive you. I am tough that I can fight for you. I am sweet that I could love you for the rest of my life.


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