The Toilet Called Facebook

If there is one thing that Facebook can be considered successful, it is on being a useful instrument for spreading hate.

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, chastised Facebook for its unrelenting failure to flag hate speech and ban practices that are obviously beyond the measure of moral yardstick.

In the Philippines, Facebook usage has led to rampant hate. For many, the right of opinion was oftentimes equaled to free speech sans the moral obligations of hurting anyone.

Today, Facebook becomes cesspool of horrible and horrid opinions, feelings, and beliefs that can penetrate beyond the walls of your homes. If there is one thing that Facebook can be proud of, it is on spreading negatives over positive, and breaking instead of building people’s lives.

Facebook is clearly not doing enough. While it has an office in the Philippines, it failed on its dodgy efforts to spot hate speech – because its technology is not compatible with Philippine’s multi-lingual society.

The sad truth is – more than 80 percent of online engagements in Facebook are battles of ideas and opinions on the platform of disrespect and hate. Here, we see people destroying family, career, religion, belief, relationship, and gender, among others, for the sake of opinion and belief.

Facebook, according to Oliver, became a fetid swamp of mis-truth and outright lies. Calling it a toilet is a little unfair to ordinary loos because they make shits go away whereas Facebook retains and disseminates them.

“There is a purity and integrity to toilets that Facebook seriously lacks.”

These are among the few reasons I spared my family and relationship from Facebook. There are so much evil in this platform that the good has lost its footing. It has become the storage haul of hatred and apathy, and people do not even care about it.

But the biggest irony is – we all know these mountain of dirts in Facebook, but so many of us still want to play with it.


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