2018 Sandurot Festival: Colors of Lasting Friendship

Dumaguete City briefly paused from its charming quietness and turned its roads as platform of colorful Mardi Gras as the “City of Gentle People” celebrated the 2018 Sandurot Festival.

Thousands of residents and visitors welcomed the momentary traffic gridlock at the city center Saturday as performers graced the roads with colorful street dancing presentations.


The usually shy, un-imposing, and silent city became the party capital of Negros Oriental as people from all ages trouped toward the streets to dance with the contingents to the tune of Sandurot theme song.

The festival is a celebration of unity in diversity. With its multi-cultured population, the city continues to lure more and more people – both local and foreigners – to come and reside there for good.

Sandurot, which means “fellowship and reaching out”, is the very backbone of the “City of Gentle People”. There, the boundaries of religion, the differences in belief, and the diversities in culture were seamlessly weaved in the harmonious co-existence of different people from different nationalities.  


Different people, different culture, different nationalities – one Dumaguete City.

The festival commemorates the innate hospitality and friendliness of the natives of Dumaguete way back from the pre-Hispanic era. The reenactment of the arrival of foreigners showcased the sheer kindness of the locals.


Instead of staging bloody resistance with the arrivals of foreign people, the natives opened their doors for trades and expressed their open-mindedness in many new things including the teaching of new religious beliefs.

A city of endless adventures, Dumaguete has once lived to its legacy as the City of Gentle people as the celebration recorded no untoward or criminal incidents amid arrays of weeklong activities.


For the people of Dumaguete, including its loyal patrons, Sandurot is all but fun and friendship. Having an old-fashioned charm, Dumaguete continue to be among the most preferred places to visit by foreigners. Some, who were bewildered by the beauty of its simplicity, decided to stay there for good.


Sandurot is among the many pillars of Dumaguete City’s new tourism tagline #DumaGetMe. It simplifies the realization of many who has willingly fallen into the bosom of the city — it will captivate you for a lifetime, but in exchange will offer you friendship beyond the boundaries of time.


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    Wow! I’ve never seen this festival. Beautiful! Something to add to my bucket list.


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