Relationship: Turning the Tide

Being in a relationship bestows one the power to unlock the emotional flow of two hearts knit together in love. You have the power to either make smile or cry – the foremost need to sustain the relationship and make it alive, keep the thrill burning, and maintain the passion at its peak.

Knowing how rescue the emotional turmoil when it is swirling down is always a competitive advantage. Fueled by pride and arrogance, the slightest trouble could turn into an uncontrollable emotional wildfire.

When the mood is dwindling, and the joy is dying, rather than formulating the best excuse or reason, salvage the deteriorating emotional walls by finding ways to smile. Justification, no matter how good and flawless it is, could never appease an angry heart.

Rather than fortifying the wall of your excuses and pride, find the roads where you can smile and the crossroads where you can both embrace each other. We quarrel but we do not find the reason to strengthen our arguments but the ways to extract that giggling sweetness again.

A smile is a window where a good heart peek. It is the echo of a singing conscience. It is the imposing glory of a shining soul. It is the lighthouse that gives hope on a lonely ocean. It has the power to quell the strongest storm.

A smile is the unseen gesture that can tell the storms to stop. It is the fountain of gladness that washes the dirt and shits and pave the way for the journey to move forward. It is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.

After all, love exists to paint more smiles than flood tears on our faces. It is not a commitment to lifetime pain. It is a crown that we must need to wear. It is a happiness we must need to enjoy.


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