Self 2.0 – Creating Better Version of You

Four decades of life taught me that it is not only the “dos” that made a better man but also the discipline on the “don’ts”. While the “do” bolsters the display of strength, how he dances with the “don’ts” show the majestic display of his self-control.

Here I share my five important “don’ts” that could helped create the better version of yourself.

1. Don’t present yourself as the solution to someone else’s problem. Any relationship must be built on the premise of how much love you can give and not how much needs you can get.

2. Don’t forget to invest love within yourself, family and home. Start planting the seeds of love from within. The kind of love you can get outside is merely a reflection of much love you invest from the inside.

3. Don’t left out yourself in anything and everything. First, go for your career, get a good job, and gear towards your dreams. Don’t stop. At the end of the day, at the worst of times of your life, no one will help you stand and survive but yourself.

4. Don’t take advantage of the weakness of others. There is no glory on winning victories against the weak. Don’t take pride of winning many wars against the armies of the frail. Don’t aspire for the cheers of the feeble but for the knees of the strong.

5. Don’t forget of God. In all and above all, godly consciousness spells the beauty of our hearts and the life of our souls. For as long as you are in the path of His will, you know you are in the best days of your life.


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