Seeking joy in the mountains of painful memories is an impossible adventure. It is not worth the journey, the efforts, and the time.

Like farmer that hopes for good harvest from barren land, it is a desperate quest. Like lover that expresses optimism from traitor of loyalty, it is a painful aspiration.

Move away from the shadows of people’s mistakes. Free yourself from being vagabond of someone’s attention. Find a grassland of new opportunities, and dwell in the valley of self-restitution. Only then will your mind find harmony, your heart true love, and your life genuine fulfillment.

Walk towards the direction of your dreams to live the life that you wish for. Do not give up. The greatest disability in man in not his blinded eyes, crippled feet, or paralyzed arms. It is his but bad attitude.

Forgive, but do not be fooled to forget the lessons. Offer chances, but do not be stupid to shrug the painful experiences of the pasts.

Life’s roads are not always easy. Some carry the traces of our tears, others the marks of our pains, and most scars of our wounds. It is hard to forget pain. But it is even harder to remember sweetness because we have no scar to show for happiness.

It is the strongest fire the melted and created the best sword. Out of suffering will emerge the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with the most painful scars.


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