Solo Traveler: Doing More With Less

I am a solo traveler. I love to trek the thousand roads of many adventures alone.

You might see me at a corner of a coffee shop reading a book; pitch my tent by the roadsides to gaze the night stars; hug the heart-pounding mountain cliffs on free solo quests; or drive my SUV towards uncharted territories.

On the roads of my many adventures, I often confronted with questions like, “Aren’t you with someone?”, “Why are you alone?”

Doing things alone is not for the weak but only for the strong. The bravery of many are anchored in numbers; but the bravest of all are the few that can withstand the lone journey of survival.

Countless are afraid to do things alone. There are more who forced life circumstances because they are afraid on the journey of solitude. Some put their opportunities on hold because they are afraid to do things alone.

Some missed life’s best adventures because they don’t have a friend to go with. Sometimes, it’s fun to be with people. But age has taught me the wonderful rewards of accomplishing things alone.

Never underestimate the joy of being alone – where you need no jokes from others to smile and required no cheers to be happy. In truth, many could not imagine surviving a lone quest for life’s many adventures.

When you go out into the world by yourself, you don’t have to compromise with anyone. You don’t have to wait on anyone. You do things at your own time and pace.

These past few years, I started to do things alone. I did hiking, bike riding, free solo, bungee jumping, road trips, and skydiving alone. I experienced the best times of my life and recorded some of my most unforgettable memories.

Alone, you can actually travel to more places, write more stories, and turn many strangers into friends.


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  1. Lalitha says:

    I envy you! I’ve accomplished most things in life alone but solo travel scares me. I would do anything in the world to go travel solo if only it were safer for solo women travellers. The day I get over the fear of being a lone woman in the wilderness I’m definitely doing all that you have done! Coz I love things better when I do them alone. Until then I will continue envying you!

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    1. JP Pasaylo says:

      You certainly can, my friend. And i will wait for your story then 😀

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  2. There’s something about being in solitude that is immensely satisfying! Growing up, I did not understand why my soul craved it while I fought it based on the conditioning that we need should not be alone. Now however, I could not live peacefully without my moments of solitude – they offer me a chance to reflect, unwind, recharge and declutter – to emerge more energised and rejuvenated.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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