Destiny: Oppressive Tyrant or Fair Master

We cannot force fate and destiny. It wields its own will. It defines its own time. Its favor comes in perfect moment – never too early, not too late. When its opportunity beckons, it lingers no longer than a second.

This is where man’s pitfalls rest. For as many as the perks that it carries, destiny’s door only open one at a time. With the right answer, we can negotiate with it in our own terms; or become slave to its waiting game.

Countless pursue love on one person, prepare for career on single profession, and aspire dream on lone path. When fate shows that we are destine on a different direction, we insist on our choices and become stubborn to its mandate. We think that we can redraw the blueprint destiny.

A little later, we realize that we wasted grandiose opportunities and settle with wishful thoughts that the tides of fate could change its course somewhere down the roads of our lives. It won’t. By then, we found ourselves imprisoned in the tyranny of fate.

Love is among the biggest compliments of destiny. But unlike people, destiny comes bringing no certain faces of love. Its opportunity is not anchored on one option. But it is there to measure how much your heart can carry towards the most beautiful adventures of life.  It does not look on faces or on the validity of its intentions. Whomever, wherever and whenever – those are its utmost concern.

The ideal love is not the one that compliments your own list of qualifications. But the one that move through the complicated webs of differences with ease. It is not the celebration of finding the compatibles of our likes and common dreams. But on the measure of how deep you can share with your differences together.

Joy is another celebrated gift of destiny. It is not rooted on finding the greatest love, getting the best career, or living the grandest dream; but on everything that life has already bestowed upon us.

The journey on life is not always pleasant and peaceful. But when life sets me on a rough adventure. I have these words:

“When the world refuses its glory, and the sun declines to shine; when the sky roars its anger, and the nothing but storms to offer; I look into your eyes and see the lines of your smiles, it is there that I find the greatest gift of my life.”

More than silver and gold, I anchored my joy to my son and the dream of becoming a better father to him. This way, my joy becomes independent on circumstances – free from the grueling demand of many crowning glories to be happy.

Destiny can either be an oppressive tyrant or a fair master. It all depends on how ready you are in giving answers when it comes knocking on the doors of your life.


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