A Wife’s Note

[Note: I am re-posting this message, written by my wife on my 41st birthday. This was originally posted in my Facebook account.]

27 August 2018

Dear Husband,

Sans the ceremony of walking the aisle dressed in that all-white wedding gown that I always dreamed of, I think my claim to you as my husband remains uncontested up to this day.

There’s no woman but me that has spent more than a decade of her life with you. It was not a perfect adventure. But their memories are worth keeping. It was a journey of tears and laughter, of sadness and joy, of sickness and health, and of defeat and victory.

Over the years, I sustained questions upon questions of why it was you, and why it must be you. But I said this more than enough times – that you are the best person that compliments my complexities. Whatever are those that lack in me, I found them all in you. However puzzling I am to many, you make everything so easy and simple. And in my wildest tantrums, the magic of your hug and kiss cure them all.

On a life filled with mistakes, miseries and misfortunes, you are the one right decision that ever happened to me. And even if I can turn back the hands of time, I would never wish for another man to born me a child, or children, but you.

I witnessed you trekked the treacherous paths of our dreams. I saw you fought the bloodiest war of our decisions. I am with you when you sustained the deadliest wounds of our chosen destiny. I saw tears trickled down your face when circumstances refused to favor us. But you never gave up on me. And on the celebrations of your many victories, I am always by your side.

You freed me from the imprisonment of my insecurities and molded me to be the best version of myself. I have countless dreams and desires in our 10 plus years of being together. You supported them all without hesitation. You taught me to aspire not the ultimate freedom, where I can be wild and uncontrolled. But you let me experience the sweetest freedom all – to live within the bounds of your care, to walk under the shadow of your mighty wisdom, and to enjoy life under the wings of your great love. This is the freedom that I wanted, and the fortress where I shall spend the rest of my life.

I have known you for over 10 years now and it’s remarkable how we get along with each other. Its seems that we just met yesterday – we talk over the phone for hours, tease each other in text messages, hug for hours from evening till morning, and tireless on our sweet moments together.

It’s an experience of love that we always look and live one day at a time. It is this love that beckons us to go home every single day of our lives. Beyond the glories of the flowers in the valleys and the rising of the summer sun, your acts of love respect no season, but always there – never faltered, never shaken, never moved.

So many people look up to you, but none greater that myself and our son. I remember that you were worried what kind of father you would be when we were expecting our first child. Yet the moment that you became a “Daddy,” you slipped into that new role with great enjoyment and ease.

The way that you make time for our family is something that I always cherish. I always feel such a sense of pride and relief knowing that you are always there for us, willing to drop everything or turn your back from queens or kings for the sake of your family.

You are an excellent communicator. People are drawn to you when you speak and hang on every word you say. Your memory of your childhood is exquisite and how you weave those stories into your messages and use them to inspire others is fascinating. You are my eyes on the horizons beyond the reach of my vision. In your many adventures, I always look up to new stories of friendships and discoveries narrated as if I am with you on the road.

You’re a kid at heart and that’s what makes you so lovable. You always want me to be happy. You built me a house of joy, where the silence of peace is often broken with laughter and giggling.

Dad, you weren’t everything that I ‘thought’ when we first met. You turned out to be so much more. You built me a dream, a home, and a family – fortified by your sweat and blood, founded by the purest of your love.

Thank you for choosing me to live your life with. Thank you for the gift of life that I shared with you – our son. Happy birthday, my Love. You are 41, perfectly carved by life for me and our son.

You Wife,



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