Happiness That Time Brings

The young follow the yearning of their hearts. Stubborn and strong-willed, they listen to nothing but to the craving of its pulse. It takes age to understand that life has so much to offer beyond the boundaries of heart’s desire.

When I was younger, I am dumbfounded on the pursuit of love. I set guidelines and standards. I am determined to find the best of its kind and wear it as my crowning glory.

As I aged, I turned to see the farther horizons of life. Beyond the walls of “relational love”, life has many other treasures worth looking. Beyond self, we can live the fullness of time with other people in friendship.

Outside the fences of our homes, the countryside offers endless opportunities for journeys that help us understand life beyond ourselves. Life has so many adventures with so little time to enjoy them all. Life has so many battles to fight. We don’t need to win them all. We just need to survive each war.

I was wounded and scarred in the battles that I fought. Circumstances wrung the best of my smiles and the worst of my tears. I trekked towards the paths of many failures and journeyed on the valleys of heartaches and miseries.

But I survived.

Then the blessings started to march toward me and unlocks the fullness of life – turns my few into more, denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity, meal into feast, house into home, stranger into love, and gave me the greatest gifts of life – my son Kyle.

Today I decided to be happy – to be content with what I have than what I don’t, to be the best with what I am than what I wish, and to love those around me than those who decide to go.


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