True Love is Unscripted

Throughout the ages, love remains to be the most beautiful acquisition of human existence and everything that represent life.

It can transcend the many facets of human emotions. It can exist both in laughter and sadness, victory and defeat, summer and winter, or success and failure.

But what are the signs that you are on the path of true love? How to be sure that you are not just in the pursuit of quenching another emotional thirst?

1. Love is freedom.

Love dances to the music of freedom and sings to the songs of the true self. It is guiding your partner to fall in love with the real you, not a version of yourself that you think you should be.

2. Love is spontaneous.

Love is not scripted. It just happens. It follows no formula but express itself on any chance it can. It follows no rules but show itself on any place it can. It waits no time but shares itself on any opportunity.

3. Love is effortless.

You know you are in the right path of love when you begin to appreciate simplicity. How you crack on simple jokes, how you smile on my simple texts, how you celebrate on simple gestures of love.

4. Love is complementing.

Love is a perpetual adjustment in the relationship until both achieve perfection – both complimenting the needs of the other, cheering the strength of the other, and supporting the weakness of the other.

5. Love is home.

Adventure may take us to the many corners of the world, but love will always bring us home. When your heart is anchored in your home as the fountain love; when you seek for nothing but your home as the source of joy; when you look for no one but your home to fill the gaps of your wanting, then you know you are in the path of true love.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a fabulous post! I adored this!
    Love is freedom to give of yourself!


  2. Leigh Lei says:

    love the title. 🙂


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