Surviving Love

Are you among the majority that seek love for wrong reasons? Are you among those who believe that finding it could cover the mistakes of your past? Are you among those who seek for the short cut of love?

But love could not be the peripheral reasons for other objectives such as to cover for mistakes, to help ease the pain, or to easily move on. It is not a jackpot prize of having it all at once.

It has no standard template. It has a unique form for every individual. But love is a continuous process of grinding and sanding until the two completely different individuals perfectly fit together.

Like a good chef, a good food is not a result of what you see on the outside but what he puts on it – the ingredients, the knowledge, and the timing, among others. So is love.

The kind of relationship you will have is a product on how you put everything together – your time, resources, moral beliefs including loyalty and trust. What you put on it are the guaranty of its survival.

Building a quality love (read as: relationship), you need to start from the inside. Everything must pass the test of conscience, integrity and ethics. Everything must flow from that inner fountain.

The best love is not how great you start it, but how excellent you sustain it. The most important is not the stories of your beginnings but the tales of your ending — towards the border of this life and the next.



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