Emblems of True Love

Time ticks to its saddest moments when my son was away from me. I almost died when he went into “furlough” with his Mom for the first time. Catching a talk with him was a challenge.

I re-draw my daily routine. My 9pm off office schedule was reset to 5pm. I must be at bed by 8pm so I could wake up early to talk to him. I must limit from putting myself off-the-grid as he might call any time.

It was a challenge but not hard. Because it was for the one I love, efforts are seamless, light and fun.

It is the presence of love that we forget the weight of our sacrifices, the loads of our choices, the threats of our purpose, and the dangers of our journey.

Love always brings out the best in us – the bravery of our spirit, the persistent of our hopes, and the beliefs in our faith.

It is this love that shapes, trims and polishes us to perfections. It is this love that refines, purifies, and hones us into a majestic icon of excellence.

This love, however, is not limited to boy-girl relationship. It does not mean that only the finding of an opposite sex is a platform of true love. Love in its purest sense can be found around us – our family, friends, and children, among others.

Love has its don’ts and do’s. But wherever direction it is taking you, it always pushes you to the best, and not the worse, destinations.

These are the emblems of true love – to mold you into the best person you can be and to propel you toward the best dreams you can achieve.

No relationship is perfect. Each has its own perils to survive and battles to win.

But true love settles to grow and groom more smiles than tears, more peace than pains, more cuteness than chaos, and more blooming than traces of bitterness. Otherwise, it ain’t true love at all.


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