Caloco Beach: Truly Madly Deeply Beautiful

Just at the northern tip of Tinambac town in Camarines Sur is nature’s under-rated jewel. Serving as catch basin of the waters off Pacific Ocean is a cove that hosted Caloco Beach.

Its coastlines were carpeted with powdery cream sands. Its uninterrupted crystal-clear waters were sourced from the eastern seas. Under its majestic landscape of sea, sand, and sky is an endless bounty of the ocean floor.

Its pristine beaches are surrounded by rolling hills. The shrubs and grasses dance in perpetuity by the breeze and winds of the Pacific seas. Truly, it is the crowning jewel of the laid-back municipality of Tinambac.

Life there remains simple. The people sourced their food from the seas. The hungry can always visit the shores and the seas to look for food. Shells, fishes, crabs, and lobsters, among others are the ordinary staples shared among many families.

It is ordinary to see children and old folks bringing their freshest catch of the day. No, they won’t sell their catch. They share it among their neighbors.

Caloco is among the few places in the country that first greets the sunrise every single day. But more than the majesty of the perfect sunrise, it also among the first places to face storms and typhoons.

Known only among the locals, this natural treasure manages to preserve its natural wonders against the threats of human destructions. Through the years, Caloco survived.

Today, Caloco hopes to position itself as one of the country’s emerging tourist destination. Travel to Caloco is not as hard as you think. Raymond buses ply daily from Cubao to Tinambac and vice versa.

It has few nipa huts to host visitors that seek perfect getaway from the weariness of the daily grinds of life. It lacks premiere amenities. But that’s what Caloco is all about – Life at the Outdoor.

I would carry the glory and honor of experiencing Caloco Beach at its most premiere condition – when its beauty is yet beyond the grasp of human destruction.

Caloco did not sourced its name from the tagalog word “kaloko”, which means to become crazy, to crack up, to be madly inclined to do. But it will surely turn yourself into it when you experience first-hand its majestic and stunning beauty.

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