Why Can’t You Go?

I am a restless traveler.

I wanted to see the world beyond the horizons. I wanted to understand life outside the walls of myself. I wanted to experience cultures beyond the norms of my civility.

But my journey met an unexpected twist when I met you along the way.

You added colors to the monotones of the tales of my experiences. You introduced new plots on the many stories on the crossroads of my life.

You deciphered my thoughts, feelings, and intentions into words. You created a new character in the stories of my many adventures.


We traveled the roughest roads. We sailed the tempest seas. We survived the fiercest perils.

But our trip has ended long time ago. Why are you still here? Why can’t you go? Why can’t you free me?

Why can’t you stop running through my mind? Why do the shadows of you remain on every places I go and every corner I turned to?

Yes, I asked you to travel with me. But I didn’t ask you to stay.


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