I Detest Religion

I am no fan of religion. I pledge no loyalty to any church. I am stubborn to the teaching of its leaders.

I am no fan of religion. I allow no one to etch me according to the dogma of his beliefs. I do not yield to the commands of its leaders.

I do not believe on the herald that only the teachers of their faith exclusively know the road of blessings.

I detest the preachers who only know the difference between blessings and curses. But are ignorant to the path of true repentance and new life.

At times I sit in a catholic church. Sometimes in a protestant church. Sometimes I listen to the chant of Muslim prayers. But no. I am not a servant of any religion.

I chide the teachings that choke personal growth; that prevent to aspire dreams outside the walls of religious teaching; and the preaching of a linear belief.

I don’t believe in the teaching that divides. But on the faith that embraces humanity. I shrug the teaching that is limited to distinction. But is clueless to the subject on the unity of faith.

I cease to serve religion. So is my family. But we are servants of true faith – a belief anchored in our hearts, a loyalty pledged to the Bible, a life purposed to become better influence to all of humanity.


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  1. Creampie says:

    Amazing …… Thanks for sharing


  2. Human says:

    Graet …Thanks for Sharing


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