The Solo Traveler That I am

“Why are you traveling alone? Where’s your companion? Who’s with you? These are the frequent questions on the roads of my many adventures.

Many intertwine their travels with companions. Most cannot simply start packing without travel buddies. But not me.

I like doing it alone. I traveled both with friends and solo over the years. But lone travel is always the most rewarding option I would like to take again and again.

I hate to travel in haste. I love having the mandate of time. I detest trapping myself on an itinerary. I want to move according to my own paces.

I like to soak myself in sceneries. To stop when my heart commands it. To go whenever I feel moving.

I value solitude over the crowded company. I treasure to befriend myself to understand its mysteries. I like the perks of being not tied to one single person but discover new confidence.

Setting your own pace provides thrills that are unlikely offered in the safety blanket of a partner or friend. Solo travels direct your attention outward rather than to your familiar traveling partner.

I travel solo because I want to link myself to interesting new people. I wanted to weave my experiences with others. I want to listen to their stories. I love the challenge of turning strangers into friends. It taught me the measure of my growth, the true value of myself in the society of my existence.

Over the course of summer, I traveled to dozens of places in the Philippines. I am currently marking exes to my bucket list of travel goals.

But I am not finished yet. I just started this adventure. I do not write to guide others. But I am chronicling my own experience.

I want to capture the moments and encapsulate them into my memories through my written words.

Solo travel can be lonely. But the confidence that comes from creating your own adventure is a formidable life’s influence.

On the road alone, you will face with decisions to make, fears to overcome, and challenges to discover.

You will discover the importance of following and listening to your heart. You will focus much better and enjoy the experience. It nurtures the most powerful force hidden inside you – the love for yourself.


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