Mothers: Most Beautiful Among Women

Across humanity, there are no glories that can surpass the nobility of motherhood. They are the unsung heroines of the homes. The fiercest army-of-one against mighty enemies. The underrated day-to-day maid servant of the house.

Nothing has mastered the home chores except for mothers. She has a mental blueprint of every details and things at home. Her eyes are powerful scanners that can see things behind walls.

You can’t find your phone, socks, shirts, or even a comb? You run out of toothpaste, soap, or shampoo? Ask them and they can readily give answers.

Although, for most of the times, their add-on words are more than what you are looking for.

The stress test of a woman is motherhood. The role divides girls and women. Every mother has to pass and sustain emotional battles. Sometimes, wars they must need to fight alone.

They must need to pass the test of selflessness. Every mother has to yield her needs for her children. She can answer the summons, calls and challenges of death. A thousand soldiers cannot stop an angry mother.

There are those who enjoy the glorious crown of being a single woman, but fail the test of motherhood. There are those who were the sexiest of their young generations, but become disappointment to motherhood. There are those that are beautiful and brilliant but breaks on the role of motherhood.

On the contrary, there are those that the world defines as “not so physically beautiful, not attrative, not so sexy, not so brilliant” but turned to be great mothers.

The role of motherhood is not an physical investment but honed at the heart. It is not cultivation of physical beauty but on the understanding of the noble role. It is not aspiring the cheers of the world but shifting it to the joys of the people of her home. It is not seeking higher glory but power – power to protect her children under their mighty wings all costs.

Being a mother in and on itself already beautiful. The women that passed its test are the truly beautiful ones.


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