What Is Love?

The tides of love can either be best or worst. No one has the control over whom you fall into. It is not a conscious effort. It is magic that can happen in a wink of an eye. You can fall in love to your best friends, worst enemies, or unexpected strangers.

No person can exactly define love.

Some describe it as magical feelings that make you smile even when you are alone. For others, it is that uncontested efforts even without the promises of rewards. To many, it is that immunity that repels that magnitude of pain. To few, it is the remaining reason when logic falls prey to the meaning of sound mind.

Love is a strong force to fight and a stubborn reason to reckon. It fights for who it wants. Often, it volunteers to risk lives to prove the nobility of its intention.

Many consider love as lifetime prison cell that to survive is the only choice. They wear the badge of martyrdom. They survive the mental, emotional, and physical turmoil. They turn blind to the mantra that true love builds than breaks lives.

Forcing yourself to stop loving is one of the hardest things to do. But knowing when to yield will help ease the pain when making the difficult decision.

After all, love exists to paint more smiles than flood tears on our faces. It is not a commitment to lifetime pain. It is a crown that we must need to wear. It is a happiness we must need to enjoy.


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