The Ugly Side of Love

The most stubborn people are the ones that are in love. No reason valid enough, no perils strong enough, no cost expensive enough, and no life dear enough to stop them from loving.

Better is a fool – because he stops when he is hurt – than to a man who has fallen into love. Floods of waters cannot quench a heart in love. Storms and thunders cannot frighten it. Blood and wounds cannot hurt it.

The thickest walls cannot contain it. The biggest bars cannot stop it. The strongest cage cannot confine it. Its reasons are bold enough to stand in the halls of trials, and brave enough to wage war against the dominant enemies.

Love in a deeper sense cannot be fathomed or comprehended.  It follows no rules except of getting what it wants. It understands no justice except its own self.

When it pursues, it only believes on the glorious reward of its victory. It will turn blind on many realities that love destroyed more lives, families, nations, and civilizations.

Love – the most beautiful feeling the world has ever known – has monster of its own. On its pursuit, it can cheat, it can lie, it can kill. It respects no life or family, society or community, morality or integrity. Its revenge is more fatal than the promises of its hope. Its vengeance is deadlier than a hungry lion.

At the top on an insanely love, it thinks as if he owns the world and could survive it alone. It demands time more than it gives. It clamors for attention beyond the boundaries of modesty. It respects no shame when it claims for publicity.

More than the banner of truth, love can be arrogant. Living in dire poverty, it can claim grandeur. Standing in bankruptcy, it can declare to have more. At the onset of starvation, it can proclaim to have enough.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. kingandcav says:

    Love is one of the best things about life though, isn’t it? Without it we’re just animals walking around aimlessly 🙂


  2. Noellie says:

    Love is the strongest emotion


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