Power of Anticipation

The road of life is not an option. We are set to move forward – to live for today and the future than to frown on the failures of the past. The challenges to conquer, dreams to aspire, and relationships to build, all must unfold on the roads of our lives.

But how we dance through life’s obstacles, maintaining grace and beauty amid countless swirling storms, depend on our wisdom of anticipation. Many falls into the depths of failure because they insist of taking the risks despite warnings of intuition.

Following our heart might be the most satisfying aspiration. But wisdom on weighing the consequences is the safest grounds to take. Thrills are much more about anticipation than action. An un-fired bullet is more dangerous than one that has already met its target.

When people come into our lives, it is anticipation that put ourselves into the right senses more than the fantasy of illusive feelings. It neutralizes the fatal effect of expectation that often drown many in the pool of frustration.

By anticipation we counterbalance misery before it is hatched. With it – we can set the sun and stars forward or lose sight of them, or wander on the retired parts of eternity free from the darting pain of surprised horrors and nightmares.


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