My Other Woman

I admit. I have fallen deeper into my other woman.

I risked being dubbed a traitor, two-timer, or unfaithful. But I speak of what my heart said. I stand of the truth that it whispered.

I like her because she knows how to maintain her class amid the many attempts to break her apart. The world has summoned her to be loud and proud, but she chooses to be at the sidelines – quiet and humble.

I like her because she shows no mercy against any enemy. But she is the sweetest doll from among the living. On the charm of her words, no one can refuse. On the magic of her beauty, no one can constrain.

She is a straightforward lover. She abhors riddles when all you want is a kiss, hug, or cuddle. She chides the roses, chocolates, or fine dining when all you want is to spend time with her. Believe me, her ways of spending time with her man outweighs the romance of roses and chocolates.

Her mind is not complicated. Her heart is not bitter. When I cordon her with my arguments, she will be outspoken. She knows that reasoning against me is the most dangerous path of our relationship. But she has her own short-cut to shut me down. With “I’m sorry, Daddy” coupled with hugs and kisses, who can refuse a damsel in distress?

She plays to win, to be a victor, and to be a champion. She won my heart in the “Battle of the Abandon” taking nothing as her loot-of-war but myself. Amid the many trials, she refuses to give up even if I told her to let go. She rejects to save herself when it means losing me at war.

She is a jealous queen. For all the glories that I enjoy of being her man, there is one order that echoes above all, “Daddy, I am a very jealous queen. I can summon the demons out from the deepest hell when my jealousy takes toll.” She will never share her man with anyone even when the mouth of death beckons her.

She is the perfect embodiment of my dream girl – pretty and sexy. But I fell in love because of her kind heart, and how her wits are intertwine with her words. She can break me into laughter even when I choose to be quiet.

She is brave in risking for love on the roads of unfamiliar choices. But who can be sexier to a woman that will fight for the love she chooses? Who can be hotter to her that courageously stood on her decision to love? But her being literally beautiful and sexy are my additional perks.

Above all, I love my other woman because she introduces me to a family where love never ends. She built me a home of solitude that offers music when our roads are dreary and singing when our nights are lonely.

My first woman introduces me to life, my other woman to a lifetime journey. My first woman embraces me as a son, my other woman mothers me a son – the greatest gift of my life, the biggest legacy of my being, the strongest bond that bind our hearts as one.

Happy Mother’s Day – to my first woman (my mother); and to my other woman – my Love, my Life, my Mayora.


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