Mag-aso Falls: Land of Elusive Summer

There is a place in Negros Occidental that is immune to the scorching heat of summer. When the country simmers and the people sweat, Mag-aso Falls soothe in freshness clothing itself in a perpetual curtain of mists.

Located in the southern part of Balicaocao watershed, tucked in the mountain ranges of Kabankalan City, Mag-aso Falls is a natural wonder hidden right in the heart of Negros Island.

The dancing mists are like the breath-of-life of the cascading waterfalls that release shower of freshness powerful enough to recharge a distressed soul.

This majestic treasure, etched under the canopy of an undisturbed forest, is a perpetual evidence of natural masterpiece when nature was freely given the space to breath.

My adventure to this hidden paradise happened early this year. Amid business trip, I managed to visit Mag-aso Falls and witness this glorious and magnificent landscape.

Back-riding on a tiny habal-habal, we squeezed among the sugar-carrying trucks and trailers along Kabankalan-Mabinay highway.

Reaching Barangay Oringao in Kabankalan City, we turned to the signage that points to “Mag-aso Falls”. From a well paved highway, we crisscrossed the rugged and rough terrain leading toward my destination. Fifteen to 20 minutes off the highway, we reached Mag-aso Falls.

Under the towering trees of the vast watershed, a swimming pool under the cover of well-manicured sceneries of nature slowly emerges. As I move deeper and deeper into the jungle-themed facility, the array the landscaped cottages and accommodation rooms came into view.

It is impressive to witness how the structures were designed and built without destroying the trees or the forest. But it is more impressive to find hundreds of people braving the challenging terrains and roads to witness nature at its best condition.

The seemingly endless flows of waters dripping by the side of the mountains that are creating pools of waters are just part of the arterial support of the main Mag-aso basin.

From a distance I hear the roaring waters. I follow a small trail. I held tight on the rails tucked onto the vertical cliff that led to more than 100 meters below.

Reaching the viewing platform just at the foot of the cliff, under the backdrop of towering trees and dancing lushes of wild flowers, grasses, and vines, is the majestic Mag-aso Falls.

The spectacular view of 120-foot main waterfalls, feeding other cascading waterfalls below it, is a picture-perfect panoramic view of nature.

I took pictures – landscapes, portraits, and selfies. I took videos on all angles and sides. But I just couldn’t get enough.

I took a dip in the aquamarine water of the main Mag-aso basin. As if a child away from his parent’s eyes, I jumped, I run, I swim, I climb.

I rush towards the dropping waters, swim towards the edge of the falls, and jump from its majestic walls. But I just couldn’t get enough.


I look around to see its other arterials rivers. I climbed at the mouth of the waterfalls. I swing on the massive vines that crowns it. I hugged the moots the carpeted the landscape. But I just couldn’t get enough.

The majestic landscape simply stunned, petrified, and amazed me. The perpetual mist that rose from the dropping waters of the cascading waterfalls is more than enough to shoo the heat of summer. The shades of trees, the covers of vines, the cloth of shrubs, and the carpet of moots made Mag-aso a land of elusive summer.

The breath-taking roar of its waters and the dancing mist that surround it echoed the voices of its life, telling me to write and proclaim the pretty, pleasing, and picture perfect wonders of Mag-aso Falls.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. happyanne08 says:

    Sir do you have a contact number of Magaso falls? Thank you sir


    1. JP Pasaylo says:

      Hi Happy, you can contact the city tourism office at the city website.


  2. happyanne08 says:

    Do you have a contact number of Magaso sir?


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