Boracay: A Never Ceasing Beauty

More than the songs of the rushing waves and the breeze of its lonely seas, there’s absolutely nothing that breaks the silence of Boracay these days – two weeks after it closed its doors to tourists.

Six months is too short to accomplish everything in Boracay– the infrastructure upgrade, clean-up drive, road widening projects, and recovery programs. But it’s too long for people who consider the island as their life’s water hole – the source of everything.

Just as the roaring waves of this most iconic paradise, our life has its own song. However, the beauty of its rhythms and melodies rest on how we set the notes and tones of our circumstances. At the wrong place, they pester the ears. At the right place, they can be our life’s greatest songs in the music of our lifetime.

Know your song. Know how to listen. Know how to pay attention to the tones and beats of your own song. For only then you will know how to enjoy life – to dance with its pains, to sing with its tears, and to leap with its joy.

Boracay is at the crossroad. More than the environmental woes, it tries to survive in the forums of public opinion. But no message is too powerful than the unsung voices of its people – when tears overpower words, gripping heart overturns reasons, and realities overrule logic.

As thousands of resident troops to the white pristine beaches for daily cleanup drive, you will see people responding to the call of realities and answering to the final plea of nature.

When response is fueled by nothing but love for Boracay, the result is a masterpiece. You don’t need to know everything and memorize the details in the manual of life to create a work-of-art. You just need passion executed with grace to create a masterpiece.

The people of Boracay know that none among them can overcome this peril if they jumped off the ship during this strongest storm. Like the pines and cypress, they know that this trial is a good opportunity to show their strength. But more than the howl of the strongest winds that dare break them, the people knit their hearts together to write Boracay’s best song.

Boracay remains the best in the world. In face on the most challenging moments of its existence, it has never lost it value. It remains to be the most love treasure of nature. It is a masterpiece of creation. It never ceases to be the best. It never abandons to be beautiful.


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