Fallen to a False Love

We all have our share of what love was, is, and will be. Often, it was complicated. At times, it can make us smile. But for whatever curse it has, love can be painful.

Trapped within the walls of loneliness and chained within the life of being lonesome, we often risk venturing for love even without knowing the many perils that may come with it.

I did fall into the many traps of love. But like many others, those that became its severed victims are sometimes the most fearless to try it over and over again. Armed with only a reason of being in love, we defy odds, place our biggest bets, and bravely fought reasons beyond reasons.

I have fallen to false love because I am brave enough to believe that its real even without seeing it. Because I believed that love can defy the requirements of human touch and presence, I have ventured into a relationship even without seeing the woman whom I bet my heart for.

Fallen into the trap of a fabricated love, I wasted time fascinating an imaginary relationship. I built plans and sets directions. I sold my emotions to an empty being. I am sleep-walking on the path of reality.

I have fallen to a false love because I mistakenly believe that no lies can withstand the intentions of love. But I was wrong. I realized that most, if not all, intentions of love are cloth in lies and fabricated truth.

My lullabies turned into nightmares. My glorious sleep turned into horrors. In the arms where I thought I am safe, I am otherwise fallen into the hands of my very enemies.

I have fallen into the traps of false love because I am hungry and thirsty for its adventures. Who would not want to sleep into its bed of roses? Who would not dream for the sweetness of its lips? Who would not fall into meekness of its eyes?

The wisdom of Solomon has bowed to it. The meekness of David has kneeled to it. Love is simply hard to resist. But love for all its beauty, if fallen to a wrong heart or person, can be the mischievous of all.


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  1. Sadah says:

    Nice piece.


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      2. JP Pasaylo says:

        That would be great


      3. Sadah says:

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