A Most Beautiful Life

Four years ago, you came bringing the good tidings of our lives. You broke my walls and help me see the horizons beyond myself. You became the masterpiece of good things, hopes, and meanings of my life. You are the most beautiful gift that life has entrusted to me.

The most beautiful time, when I became a father to you. I could not wish more honor and prestige than to father a brilliant boy as you are. I was all smile and tears when I heard the news of your birth. It has been four years, but the feeling still fresh. I wish for it to stay in my heart forever.

The most beautiful moments, when I hugged you with my arms. There are no better experience and feelings every time you fall asleep into my arms. I wish for time to stop and for the hours to freeze. I wish to hold your small hands forever and to stand side-by-side with you in your journey towards the future.

The most beautiful dream, when I saw grow toward the path of good heart. You are just 4, but in you are epitome of a gentleman. You can always break your Dad and Mom into laughter with your simple jokes.  You know how to give respect and courtesy to people without being asked. You have joined me in life’s hardest roads – we survive everything, we fought a good fight together.

Today, I wish to highlight our struggles, pinpoint our sacrifices, measure our difficulties, count our pains, reminisce our tears, remember our poverty, crash our enemies, and recall our troubles.

But, I just cant because all you give are smiles, all you share are peace, all you impart are joy, all you extend are strength, all you inspire are goodness, all your reasons are forgiveness, all you teach are faith, and all you convey are love.

My son, you are a celebration of life, a championing of faith, and a challenge of building greater dreams. Since you came, unto me you created the most beautiful life.

Happy 4th Birthday!












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