Charm and Caress of Caramoan Islands

Sprawling itself like open arms welcoming the Pacific waves are the white sand beaches of the dotted islands off Caramoan in Camarines Sur.

I first visited Caramoan in 2011. Seven years later, its charm remains fresh. My bewilderment still alive. The desire to return remains a craving.

I am a beach person. But I prefer the solitude of nature. I hate rubbing elbows along the beach lines.

I just want to sit on the powdery white sand. I just want to listen to the singing waves. I just want to enjoy the bite of the sun. I just want to kill time breathing the breeze of the eastern seas. I just want to soak myself in the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific.

I find them all in Caramoan.

I first came here at the height of the reality show “Survivor Series.” It was not an easy trip. It was a winding 16-hour multiple transits from Metro Manila. But I am willing to do it again and again.

Here’s the important touch points when travelling to Caramoan from Manila – Naga City, Port of Sabang in San Jose, Port of Guijalo in Caramoan, and Barangay Paniman in Caramoan.

At that time, Caramoan was still inaccessible by car. One must endure a two-hour boat ride from Port of Sabang in San Jose to Port of Guijalo in Caramoan – the gateway to the place I called, “Home of the Survivors”.


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