Kintsugi: A Broken Masterpiece

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art dedicated to the restoration of broken ceramic pottery. It uses lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum in bonding the broken pieces to resurrect the broken pottery into beautiful work of arts.

It is not just putting the broken pieces together but reinventing it into more stunning and beautiful pieces. The results are often more beautiful than the original.

Life often tossed us into some of its worst battles. Some wars would break us apart. Some would wring us to pain. Some would make us wish for death. As wounded soldiers walking in the fields of war, we often cling to our misfortunes and treat ourselves as damaged goods, not worthy of love, recognition or success.

It is in the crossing of the threshold of hopes and new beginnings that we lit the process of Kintsugi within ourselves. We must be willing to touch and feel each of our broken parts, so we know them intimately and can accept them all before we set the journey of self-transformation.


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