Caramel Coastlines, Anyone?

Dauin, Negros Oriental. – They talk about the world-class white beaches of Boracay. Or the famous iconic pink beach of Zamboanga. But how about a pastel caramel colored fine sand beach in Dauin, Negros Oriental?

Just at the foot of Mt. Talinis is the sprawling caramel coastlines of Dauin town. Home of the dotting beach resorts and restos, this municipality serves as a favorite jump off point for divers aiming the vast underwater aquatic life of Apo Reef Marine Sanctuary.

But the sprawling coastlines of Dauin is simply amazing especially during the morning hours. Its majestic beach landscapes cloth in pastel caramel imposes itself along the Negros shorelines of the Western Nautical Highway.

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The more than five kilometers stretch of fine sand beaches offer perfect view of sunrise – the locals and foreigners’ favorite morning walk destination.

I spent few days in Dauin early this April.

My primary goals are to explore the world-class Apo Reef, to experience Blue River, to scale Mt. Talinis, to visit Baslay Hot Spring, and to soak at Lake Nailig, among others. My list also includes visits to the marine sanctuaries in Mainit, Luca, Dauin, and Masaplod.

But arriving at Dauin, with my hotel located within the grand countryside scenery, I was drawn aback from my other plans and stayed on the beach for as long as I can. The silhouette of nature during sunrise and sunset are simply second to none.

The untamed ocean stretches like never changing towards the horizons, far beyond the visible island of Siquijor. The morning sea breeze as well as the afternoon sound of mellowed waves are truly refreshing to the soul.

The wind is awakening and sweet. The afternoon sunlight illuminates awe-inspiring collection of boats, fishermen, and tourists that were crisscrossing to and from Apo Island. The sculptural drift woods and rocks surviving the constant battering of the ocean waves are simply breathtaking.

Less than 15 km from Dumaguete City, travelers can unplug themselves from the stress and strain of the city life and be one with nature in Dauin. A trip here could inspire a more fulfilling getaway through a range of activities to be one with nature.

Who would have thought that this humble town literally hosts dozens of getaway destinations? I will be back in Dauin. More so that many of the places that I wished to visit remained unchecked. But for now, I am good, I am fine at Dauin’s pastel caramel beaches.




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