In Search For a Better Self

Subic Free Port Zone, Zambales

TRAVEL is something that my life can’t live without. But it is something that I haven’t done for quite some time now. We travel for so many reasons — vacation, luxury, or sometimes just to take a breather from the suffocating circumstances that would want to choke us and stop us from moving forward.

Beyond the horizons of our comfort zones, travel has its own way of teaching us to reinforce in the creation of a better self. The solitude of travel can overhaul a weary heart, much more lighten the burden of a heavy-laden soul.

It can also help us appreciate the significant of a society and places that survive with less compare to us for us to recognize our fortunes. The dilemma of relying on the kindness strangers to survive a trip can humble us no matter how successful we are in this world.

We travel because we want to visit so many places, but the more we travel, the more your heart longs for home. It is the moment where we start appreciating the importance of family, friends and loved ones. It can also lead us to find a new found respect for life we often wish to escape.

Among its biggest lesson is, goodbye is not forever and life has endless possibilities. It can keep us in touch with our fond memories for us to aspire more to level-up the consideration of our next adventure.


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